Show Me Yours

Following the vinyl release of “Doll Divider”, I have asked you to contribute to the playful 'Show Me Yours'. You’ve played, disguised yourself with the object, or simply posed and each time your photo arrived, I was enchanted! thank you. In its own way the artwork itself inspired such an idea. It was the first time my music was released as a vinyl object.

When I was little, I used to own a red “mange-disque” to play 7 inch, translating as a “eating-records device”, a portable record player which was literally wrecking the vinyl. It was great and cheap. I could have it anywhere following me. Then I used to make up cassette mix tapes, my father was working at the time for Agfa-Gevaert so I could get lots of tapes for free, it was brilliant…I was taping from the radio, my taste was pretty poor at that age, lots of it would be embarrassing now but of course it doesn’t matter, I was making my own tape and that was fun. (By the way, how on earth was I supposed to know that “Relax” wasn’t a song about… relaxing?).

Then at the age of 17, I used to go to the audio library (La Sonotheque) taping contemporary vocal music such as Cathy Berberian performing Berio or Cage.

It’s only recently that I realised I was a child of the cassette tape. My late mother was actually working for Ampex as well as being a fine artist and my father had worked all his life for Agfa-Gevaert until he was made redundant. It is all about tapes, films and microfilms. I was bound to record. or become a spy.

Ampex produced early tape recorders and 8 tracks recorders still highly cherished in today’s studios. From 1966-1967, Ampex FR-900 drives were used to videotape the first images of the Earth from the Moon. Agfa manufactured various analogue and digital imaging products. In 1936, color photography was ready for the mass market. In 1959, they launched the first fully automatic 35mm camera.

Whilst I was recently decluttering, I found some blank Agfa tapes in a box. I began toying with the idea of releasing a limited edition cassette tape.
Coincidentally I discussed the tape thing with Paul and I found out that when Paul began to work for Mute Records, one of his main activities was to duplicate promotional tapes, they had 10 machines so they could duplicate very rapidly, but the cassette covers were a “bloody nightmare”.

I am very grateful to all the people who have taken part in the diaporama. It has become an interactive experience. My “Processed Dolls” paintings were meant to travel and they have managed to do so in the form of a vinyl record, wandering around the world. Enjoy the record, enjoy the object.

The 'Show Me Yours' will be regularly updated as soon as more pictures are sent. You can post your picture on Olivia Louvel’s Facebook music page or you can send it to

'Doll Divider' 12" vinyl Belouin.jpg Sifichi-1024x768.jpg Sifichi 2-1024x768.jpg Kendall.jpg Ronnholm.jpg Combes.jpg .jpg Ralf sevcik.jpg Van Isacker.jpg Bong.jpg Lelieveld.jpg Johan Jacobsson.jpg Tagirov.jpg Meier&Pocket Uti.jpg Dambrosio.jpg Kendall.jpg Belouin copy.jpg Thiede.jpg Lenina.jpg Gilliom.jpg Ouvrein.jpg Brightly 2.jpg Köckeis.jpg Vilu.jpg Vilu.jpg Kendall.jpg Fernandes.jpg J Sheehy.jpg Destandau_v2.jpg Detmer.jpg jlm aka Norscq.jpg Marie Tippex-Duncan.jpg Dunwich copy.jpg Morais.jpg Lewis Querelle.jpg Melita Dennett.jpg Jicé Ho.jpg